10 on Tuesday

Ten On Tuesday: To Do

Today’s Ten on Tuesday topic is one that I have no trouble completing: “10 Things On Your To-Do List Right Now.” I have a running to-do list on my phone, so it’s just a matter if prioritizing…

1. Go to the gym. With all the singing I’ve been doing, it has become obvious that I need to get in better shape. Doesn’t make sense, you say? How does singing have anything to do with getting in shape (other than vocally)? Simple. My lung capacity isn’t what it should be. I tire easily. I might look fine, weight-wise, but I am sorely out of shape.

2. Laundry. A perpetual list item.

3. Knit like the wind! Christmas is coming, and my gifts aren’t done yet.

4. Go to the grocery. Another never ending list item.

5. Christmas baking! This will take place in just under two weeks, but I do need to prepare for it.

6. Select and download my next Audible book. This will probably be the next Iron Druid book, but I haven’t completely decided yet.

7. Writing prep work. I’ve agreed to help out some friends with a project of theirs, and I need to look at the backstory stuff a bit. I also need to do my own worldbuilding.

8. Write more book reviews. I slack on these way too often…

9. Get rid of the rest of my traditional scrapbooking supplies that I will not be using. Which also means I have to go through them again and see what I will be using. Which will take time that I don’t have…

10. Finish wrapping Christmas presents. I like doing a few at a time, so the pile under the tree keeps growing. But it means I won’t be done for a while.


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