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Cozy Coffee WIP

I’ve been trying to figure out what knitting projects I can show you, since it’s near Christmas-time and so many of my projects are gifts. However, I did come up with one that I can show you:

My coffee cup cozy. (Well, I don’t drink coffee, so as far as I am concerned, this is for tea. But it’s named a coffee cup cozy, I think.)


It’s a fun project, and it’s going to live on my permanent Starbucks cup. You know, the ones that look like the regular cups but are made out of plastic and can be reused. Hopefully it won’t take too much longer, because I’m getting sick of scraping off the glue from the cardboard sleeves when I use the cup. (I guess they stick glue in their cardboard sleeves on purpose, so that the glue heats up and sticks to the cup when a warm liquid is put in it. Great for disposable cups. Horrid for reusable ones.)

Have a great weekend!


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