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WIP Weds – Color!

So, what new progress on WIPs can I show you? Well, my two newest projects are the ones that have been getting the most love lately.

First up, the one that I am the most enthralled with: the Dreambird Shawl.


I am using two types of KnitPicks sock yarn: the background yarn is a gray tweed (I forget the details, but will look them up for the eventual FO post) and the feather yarn is Chroma fingering in Lollipop. I love the color contrast and the way the gradual color shift of the Chroma works for this pattern. I’d happily do another one with this yarn. (Though I might do what I’ve seen some others do, and use the color shift yarn for the background and a white or black yarn for the feathers. Looks awesome that way, too.)


My only problem is the way the pattern is written is a bit overcomplicated. I find it easier to read the shorthand “cheat sheet” at the end of the revised pattern, and work off of that. (It’s still not perfect, but it’s easier, and I can check against the detailed version if I have any questions.)

Next is the pair of knee-high socks I am knitting. I may have these done by winter 2015 at the speed I seem to finish socks these days… but that’s okay! I’m having fun while I do it!


The yarn is two colors of Lion Brand Sock Ease, and they are surprisingly not as big a contrast as I’d been expecting or hoping when I started the pair. If I knit in mediocre light (such as while I’m watching TV), it can be hard to distinguish between the striped yarn and the solid yarn, depending on where in the color shift I happen to be. I do still love the contrast between the purples and the green, but my contrast color is not as vibrant as I had thought looking at it by itself.


On the other hand, this is probably more suited to my style than if it was a super high contrast color combination. So I’m happy with the way it’s turning out, it just continues to surprise me.

Side note: I started these socks with stripes of 3 rounds each color. This is fine, but it’s not quite as big a stripe as I think I want now. On the other hand, there is NO WAY I am going to rip out what I have already knit, since I am knitting knee socks. So, I am going to do 3-round stripes for the foot, and 4-round stripes after the heel turn. Problem solved.


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