10 on Tuesday

Ten On Tuesday – Daylight Savings

Today’s Ten on Tuesday prompt is “Ten Thoughts on Daylight Savings Time.” Well. There are many thoughts to be had. Here are my first ten, in order I thought of them, but not in order of priority.

This is likely to be a semi-chaotic Ten on Tuesday… You’ve been warned.

1. I love gaining an hour. Who doesn’t?
2. I hate Daylight Savings Time changes. They always mess up my time clock.
3. We should do away with Daylight Savings Time. Or “standard” time. I don’t care. Pick one (doesn’t matter much which one) and stay with it. Quite messing with my internal clock.
4. My cat hates the time changes even more than I do. She knows when she wants to be fed, and it’s not based on saving any kind of light.
5. I remember reading a study last time we changed our clocks about the detrimental effects of the time change on the human body & mental state. I don’t remember where I read it, but as I recall there was something about increased depression and more frequent car accidents right after the clocks jumped forward. (I don’t know if there is a similar study done for falling back.)
6. If I’m going to be gaining an hour (by falling back) I would rather just make the day longer. Too bad we can’t do that.
7. How did we get convinced to keep DST after the war? I understand conservation of energy during wartime, but why on Earth didn’t we get rid of the dumb thing once it was no longer needed?
8. On the other hand, why can’t we be sensible and adjust our schedules with the sun? Granted it would make work schedules a bit crazy.
9. DST currently lasts about 8 months. That’s most of the year. Just give up and make that the constant time NOW – at the rate we’re going, we’ll eventually revise DST enough times that we’ll end up staying on it for all but a few weeks anyway. Just give up and do it now. Like a Band-Aid – RIGHT OFF!
10. It seems DST used to be called “War Time.” This makes much more sense. Especially since the time changes are waging a war on my internal clock. I’m not really sure which side is winning…


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