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Friday Reads: Hexed

Hexed: The Iron Druid Chronicles, Book Two
Kevin Hearne
(urban fantasy)

After listening to HOUNDED (book 1 of the Iron Druid Chronicles), I immediately picked up book 2, HEXED. (Of course, now that I’ve finished both of them, I have to decide how long I can wait to get book #3. I am really enjoying this series, but I’m going through them faster than my Audible credits are accruing…)

I was curious to see if the quality of the writing in HOUNDED continued in book 2. I needn’t have worried. It did. If anything, it got better, since (in my opinion) the jokes hit more marks with Oberon (the dog) in his hippie phase for this book. (I suspect that he’s going to have a new fad for each book… in HOUNDED, he wanted to be Genghis Khan. In HEXED, his telepathic comments were peppered with comments about “sticking it to the Man” and comparing gravy to love.) Plus, there were more Star Wars jokes. Awesome stuff.

One of the parts that concerned me (needlessly, so far) was a common problem with paranormal books: now that the solo book has become a series, the paranormal world expanded further than in book 1. Some authors get carried away and lose focus in this case, and the paranormal world becomes a bit over the top. So far, the world of the Iron Druid hasn’t gone that way. Things are still within the realm of believability set out in book 1. (There was one possible issue with a guy’s beard in HEXED, but I’m willing to let it slide for the moment. I’m sure said guy will be back in future books, and we’ll see if things get too crazy at that point.)

In this book, I enjoyed getting to know some of the secondary characters better. The main character (Atticus) too, but since it’s written from a first person POV, we see more of his personality than the rest of the characters. We do get more backstory and character development for Atticus in book 2, as is only expected, but I really like getting to see more of his new apprentice (NO IDEA how to spell her name, just as if I was reading the book version I’d have no idea how to pronounce it) and the (good) witches.

Anyway, this is a super fun series. And the next book promises to be fun as well, since I already know (based on events in this book and the title of the next) that it involves Thor, the thunder god. (And not the comic book version, but the one from mythology.) I wonder what the fad du jour will be for Oberon in HAMMERED?


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