10 on Tuesday

Ten on Tuesday ~ Fallin’

Today’s Ten on Tuesday topic is “10 Ways You Are Embracing Autumn.” It’s my 2nd favorite season (behind spring), so this should be fun.

1. Casting on knee socks. I haven’t started them yet, but i have them planned. I’ll start them no later than this weekend.

2. Cooking soup. Okay, okay, I cook soup year-round. But I cook more of it in the fall & winter.

3. Buying boots. Only one pair, and they’re ankle boots, but they still count.

4. Reading lots. With tea. And a blanket. Yes. This is again something I do year-round, but the blanket is only a cold-weather addition.

5. Considering when to put the jersey sheets on the bed. (Mr. Wyrm is calling me a wimp. We won’t go into that.)

6. Taking deep breaths of the crisp air. One of my favorite signs of autumn is the change in the air. LOVE IT.

7. Stalking Marie Calendar’s for pumpkin pie. I haven’t checked yet this week. Need to do that.

8. Trying to convince myself to do something for Halloween. So far, all we have done is visit Disneyland and go on the themed rides (Haunted Mansion Holiday & Space Mountain Ghost Galaxy). I doubt costumes will happen this year. I’m just too busy.

9. Eyeing sweater patterns and wondering if I can finish them before winter. (No. But a girl can dream.)

10. Planning my writing goals! Fall includes November, and November is NaMoWriMo. I think I’m going to have to reevaluate my writing month plans for this year, but i am still making plans. It just feels like the right thing to do as we head into fall. I guess that’s the sign of a multi-repeat NaNoer.


2 thoughts on “Ten on Tuesday ~ Fallin’

  1. Fun list. Though the thought of jersey sheets makes me squirm. Seriously, I can’t even sleep with a blanket on yet, LOL. As for NaNo…hmm, still on the fence. Must decide on that.

  2. I put the jersey sheets on the bed last week – it’s been getting into the 40s and 50s at night and crisp sheets are cringe-inducing at this point. 🙂

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