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Friday Reads: Rush ~ The Game

Rush (The Game: Book 1)
Eve Silver
(YA urban fantasy)
(audio book read by Amy Rubinate)

This book is one that was on my TBR list for a while. I don’t remember how I heard about it first – probably Tez Miller, my book enabler. In any case, it sounded interesting and instead of buying the book I decided to try out the audio book. I’m glad I did… but also annoyed that book #2 is not out yet (and won’t be until next summer).

Let’s review the book in two parts: the content, and the audio book presentation. To start with, the presentation. At first, the narrator annoyed me a little. She seemed too indifferent, as though the reader was phoning it in. But then I got to know the main character a little better. And that is how Miki feels and acts, at least at the beginning of the book. Between that, and the fact that different characters had different qualities to their voices instead of Miki’s indifference, I grew to appreciate the narration style as part of the storytelling. (I’m not doing any research to find out if my guess is right. If this was not an intentional choice on Amy’s part, I don’t want to know.)

And how about the story itself? It was very well done. It may be a YA book, so some of the themes and language is more geared toward youth readers, but Ms. Silver does not talk down to them, nor does she pull any punches when it comes to content. (For example: you find out early on that the reason for Miki’s seeming indifference is that her mom died recently from cancer.) The premise is fun, and any fan of video games will probably feel that they would have managed better in place of the main character. (I certainly did. Maybe not physically, but I certainly thought I would have wrapped my brain around the concept better than Miki. In reality? Who knows. At least she was being true to character.)

Essentially, there is this “game” which is in deadly earnest and involves teens running around shooting aliens. Beyond that, talking much about it would give away things that are best left discovered by the reader. But I will say that there are some surprises, and some things that I guessed were going to happen and watched with dread as my suspicions were proven correct. And I have more guesses about the future of the series, but I won’t be able to determine if I’m right until I get book two next year.


3 thoughts on “Friday Reads: Rush ~ The Game

    1. Science fantasy perhaps? There are some bits that haven’t been fully explained yet. I can’t tell for sure if there is a scientific reason forthcoming, but at the moment there seems to be a fantastical element to it.

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