Because I need a new project like I need…

… <insert something I really don’t need here>.

But you know what? I just couldn’t help it. Especially when said new project was the thing I needed least: another scrap sock yarn blanket.


I’ve been wanting to make something with mitered squares for a while now, and finally gave in. It’s not like I’ve been actually, you know, WORKING on the Babette Blanket (which, for those who are now saying, “the what blanket?” is the OTHER scrap sock yarn blanket I have in the works. It’s crocheted, though, while this one is knit).

Anyway, just a quick post today because I only cast on the blanket last night. I have been working on other things, but those things are SUPER SEKRIT THINGS which you won’t get to see for a while. Eventually. I promise.

Happy Wednesday!


3 thoughts on “Because I need a new project like I need…

  1. Hmm…maybe that’s what I need to do. A bunch of squares to use up the ton o’ yarn in my closet…not enough of any one thing to complete a project. Yes, that might work 🙂 Are you working from a pattern or winging it?

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