Wednesday ROW Update, Since I’m Continually Late on Sunday

Grr. Somehow I never got around to posting my Sunday ROW
update. So I guess I’ll do a mid-week post instead:


  • Read one craft book– I am still working on the
    Create A Character Clinic.
  • Re-read T (a prior NaNoNovel) draft and make revision
    notesIt was a hard
    decision, but I am scratching this one. It’s just not gonna happen
    this round – maybe not even this year. We’ll
  • Complete the
    “Create a Character Clinic” for the Hero & Heroine of
    SCVH – Still working,
    though no marked progress this


  • Visit with
    parents & sister a minimum of once a month – done for July over the
    weekend of the 4th (and again after that a few times to celebrate
    the birth of my nephew); done for August on 8/10 (at the zoo!);
    done for September at a welcome party for my new
  • Minimum of one
    hike or 2-mile or more walk per month done for July, August,
    & September

WEEKLY GOALS (with the week
starting on Sunday):

  • Walk at least
    50k 35k steps per week I walked 35,719 steps last
    week! Hooray!
  • Write 3
    blogs per week – Did I? I don’t remember and am too lazy
    to look it up.
  • Read &
    comment on 10 blogs per week
    Success! I am still nowhere near caught up on my blog
    reading, but I’m getting there.
  • 2 hours per
    week on my theatre projects (I have two projects that I don’t want
    to detail here, but I want to spend time on them. I know what they
    are, even if you don’t need to)
    – Success! But still on the one same
  • 2 hours per
    week on the writing and revising items on the Round Goals – Nope. Some work done, but
    not nearly enough.
  • 2
    hours per week on my scrapbooks Not
  • 1 “date night”
    (of any kind) per week with Mr. Wyrm – Yup! Dinner out over the
    weekend counts, even if it wasn’t a fancy dinner. It was still

4 thoughts on “Wednesday ROW Update, Since I’m Continually Late on Sunday

  1. I have one of those goals to that I stubbornly refuse to take down. I keep hoping that it will magically happen if I stare at it long enough, LOL. Great progress Nicole!

  2. lorraine says:

    Nicole- I find lists can be a double-edged sword. It shows progress, but also the lack thereof.

    I think it’s on my list to make more lists-

  3. Chris says:

    You’re so organized! My lists are on haphazard scraps of paper, usually stolen by the kitties for toys.

  4. mrspao says:

    I really ought to make some goals myself.

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