WIP Weds ~ the restarting edition

So last time I showed you a post with a new pair of mitts. Since then, I have decided I didn’t like the mitts that much (yarn + needle + pattern combo, no one thing on its own) and have frogged them. Instead, I’ve started a new pair of mitts!


These are the Chevron Gauntlets, and I like the way they’re knitting up so far. I’m using Blue Moon Socks That Rock Mediumweight for this, from a skein that I used for socks I gifted to my sister. This is what’s left over, and I’m hoping that there will be plenty of yarn for the smaller length gauntlets. We’ll see.

Anyway, just a short WIP Weds this week, because part of the progress I made was frogging…


3 thoughts on “WIP Weds ~ the restarting edition

  1. Don’t you just hate that? LOL

    I do love the look of gauntlets but the thought of wearing… Sigh. I should live in a much colder climate so as to take advantage of such things.

    Happy knitting 🙂

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