10 on Tuesday

Ten on Tuesday ~ Home Sweet Home

It’s been a while since I’ve gotten one of these prompts, but… Ten on Tuesday is back! Today’s prompt is “10 Things You Miss About Your Own House When You Go Away.” And based on that I’m guessing that the lack of prompts is because the organizer was on vacation. 😉

Anyway, here is my list:

1. My cat! She’s annoying at times, but I miss her when we’re away.

2. My own bed. (Usually.) Most hotel beds are just too far from what I’m used to, so I don’t sleep as well. Every now and then you get lucky and get a better bed than the one at home, though…

3. My own pillows. Even the nice pillows are not my pillows.

4. My kitchen. I love having other people cook for me. But I also love having access to my food.

5. My shower. Most hotel showers are meh. Very meh. Sometimes you get lucky and get a good shower. Other times you hit the jackpot and get a full-sized tub. But usually? Meh.

6. My routine. I love vacations, don’t get me wrong. But I also am a creature of habit, and without my routine I lose track of things.

7. My tea. There are few places I tend to vacation where I can get tea to my preference. If I am not at one of those places, then I miss it.

8. My stash. Yes, I bring knitting on vacation with me. I bring knitting nearly everywhere with me. But being near the stash means I can cast on something new any time I want to. And that’s a good feeling.

9. My regular toiletries. I usually pack travel toiletries when I go somewhere instead of taking my big Costco-sized stuff on the road with me. Man, I like coming back to my regular shampoo (etc) after a trip.

10. My cat. Did I mention my cat? I miss her the most.


4 thoughts on “Ten on Tuesday ~ Home Sweet Home

  1. Most of our vacations are to family so the pet menagerie usually comes with, LOL. But I am right there with you on the pillows! I never get a good night sleep on hotel pillows. Great list Nicole.

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