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Friday Reads: Greywalker

Greywalker (Greywalker, Book 1)
Kat Richardson
(urban fantasy)

This is the first book in a series, and while it’s obvious at the end that it is starting a series, it is not annoying about that fact. In other words, while the door is left wide open for sequels, there is no stupid cliffhanger leaving the reader dangling.

I did enjoy the premise for this book. Essentially, the main character is legally dead for a couple of minutes, and when she’s resuscitated she is able to access the ghost world — otherwise known as the Grey. (Hence the title.) It’s a little annoying that she spends a lot of the book denying that the Grey has any impact on her, when she’s so obviously (to the reader) being affected by it, but it is also completely believable that she would want to ignore anything which reminds her of the fact that she died, even just for a brief moment. I plan on eventually continuing with the series: if she’s still rejecting the Grey to the same extent in book two, then I may reevaluate my opinion of how much this colors my enjoyment of the series. (AKA: in book one, it’s okay. In book two, a lot less okay.)

The characters in the novel were fun. I liked the main character, and the bulk of the supporting cast. I especially like the guy she gets to help her with her alarm system, and while he’s “just a friend” in book one, I kinda suspect he may turn into a love interest in later books. I like the witch and the scholar couple that she gets Grey lessons from, too. (Sorry for the lack of names… I’m feeling too lazy to look up spellings.)

I do have high hopes for this series. It seems like a true urban fantasy series, and I hope that it doesn’t go the way of some other urban fantasies that turned into paranormal romance love-fests (Anita Blake, I’m looking at you). I do enjoy paranormal romances, don’t get me wrong. But I miss the good urban fantasy books that have all of the paranormal without the tons of sex. Maybe this will fill that void? Here’s hoping.


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