(Mostly) Wordless WIP Weds

I’m running late today, but I do want to share my latest WIP with you. It’s a sewing project, and the pictures I’ll be posting today are of items that have been finished. However, I am going to be making several more as gifts, so in my mind this project-as-a-whole is still a WIP. Therefore it counts.

These are tea wallets, and I found the pattern here. I’m not going to detail how I made them — that’s what the linked tutorial is for. I’m just going to show you pictures of these. I have a total of four made (only two are shown) and I probably won’t be showing them off again on the blog until after Christmas, since that’s when I want them completed as gifts.






4 thoughts on “(Mostly) Wordless WIP Weds

  1. A tea wallet?! I’ve never heard of such a thing but what a cool idea!

  2. kathy boyer says:

    adorable and now i want to learn to sew…again

  3. kadootje says:

    They are totally cute, I have made them for the girls in the office. Big hit!

  4. […] Write 3 blogs per week – Success! I wrote my ROW update, a Ten On Tuesday about kitchen gadgets, and a (Mostly) Wordless WIP Wednesday featuring my tea wallet project. […]

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