10 on Tuesday

Ten On Tuesday ~ Kitchen Gadgetry

Today’s Ten on Tuesday prompt is “10 favorite kitchen gadgets”. This is a fun one for me, though truth be told I don’t use a lot of gadget-gadgets. I never liked using my mom’s food processer, for instance (mostly because once you were done using it, you had to clean it). It’s only recently that I started using much more than a Kitchen Aid stand mixer…

At any rate, there are some fun gadgets I use now. I’m not sure that they all count as gadgets, but I think of them that way! So there.

10 Favorite Kitchen Gadgets

1. The aforementioned Kitchen Aid stand mixer. I love it. (I don’t use any of the attachments for it, though, just the mixer. I’m not even sure which attachments I have any more. I think the cheese grater, and at one point I had a pasta thing, but I’m not sure where that is or how to use it anyway.)

2. Mr. Wyrm’s toaster oven. (Gadget? Not a gadget? I don’t care.) So handy for heating individual frozen pizzas or toasting naan bread. Especially in the summer when I don’t want to heat up the whole kitchen with the big oven.

3. My cherry pitter. So handy. This is one of those things I used to scoff at, but now that I’ve used it, I love it.

4. My Cutco ice cream scoop. It makes scooping ice cream (on those occasions when I’m not just eating it directly out of the container) super easy.

5. A good, basic cheese grater. I have (I think) an OXO one that’s served me well, but the plastic frame holding the metal grater is starting to break and will need replacing soon. Sadness.

6. The bread machine that I use far too seldom. When I do use it, I love it, but I just don’t pull it out often enough. In fact, I may need to do that now. Just because I’m thinking about it.

7. My crock pot. Awesome things, crock pots. I don’t care if they are considered a gadget or not, my crock pot is one of my favorite kitchen implements.

8. The Magic Bullet my sister got us for a wedding present. Even if I did tease her that the name was better suited to a bedroom toy than a kitchen gadget…

9. Our new Oster steamer (also a wedding gift). So, so handy for cooking veggies, and it’s the best way I’ve yet found to cook goh for Chinese New Year.

10. A good, basic food scale. I only recently discovered how handy these can be, and it’s truly amazing to look at what we think of as a portion size compared to what the real portion size (based on weight) actually is. Kinda makes you realize why so many people are overweight…


6 thoughts on “Ten On Tuesday ~ Kitchen Gadgetry

  1. Nicole- I should have come here first, because I didn’t list my Kitchen Aid or my Crockpot.

    I think I used the breadhook a couple of times, but never any of the other attachments.

  2. I totally forgot about my bread machine and that is one of my favorites! I feel like a bad mother now..

    I could not live without my toaster oven, gadget or not!

  3. Aww fun list. I Have a LETTUCE knife…it is big and plastic. IT is a favorite of mine. I love my bread machine. Ive neverhad a kitchen aide mixer…..
    oh and I love my pampered chef mini chopper

  4. I have an old ice cream spade that I love. LOL, I have a kitchen scale, but I’ve only used it to weigh yarn.

    I also adore my Good Grips pepper grinder. So clever.

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