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Friday FO ~ WendyKnits Summer 2013 Mystery Shawl

Here’s another Finished Object post! (I’ve been on a bit of what the Yarn Harlot calls a “finishing jag” lately. There’s at least one more FO post in the works after this one, but that’s for the Super Sekrit Mitts, and you’ll have to wait until after Christmas to see that post.

Finished Mystery Shawl 1

This one is for WendyKnits Summer 2013 Mystery Shawl! It was a KAL (knit-a-long) that I kept up with for most of the month, and then got behind on the second-to-last clue because I was too busy with getting THE GRAND DUKE onstage to knit lace. Granted, that meant I got some great progress on stockinette socks, but knitting lace backstage in the dark? Hah. Not me.

Finished Mystery Shawl 3

That’s okay, though, because I still got this one finished pretty close to a month after I started it. Not bad! Usually I fall much further behind when I do mystery KALs.

Finished Mystery Shawl 4

My biggest concern when starting this knit was that I wouldn’t have enough yarn for the bigger size, so I knit the smallest size. I had TONS leftover, and needn’t have worried. Of course, the clue I fell behind on was the one most impacted by the extra knitting on the bigger sizes, so when it comes to prompt finishing I guess it was a good thing that I knit the smallest size. Besides, I was getting sick of the yarn by the time I was done.

Finished Mystery Shawl 5

Speaking of the yarn… Patons Lace was not at all bad for knitting a mostly acrylic yarn. It is not my new favorite, but it’s not bad. Especially if I want to knit something laceweight (for a gift, most likely) that I do not want to have hand-wash instructions. It also blocked out a lot better than I thought. The ladies of my stitch-n-bitch will no doubt be surprised to see the final result, too. None of us expected it to hold the blocking.

Finished Mystery Shawl 2

I did a wet blocking on it, pinned the shawl out pretty aggressively, and then sprayed it damper with a water bottle. I wanted to give it as much chance to hold its shape as I could, and it seems like it worked. Now to see if it holds its shape long-term… I’m also trying to decide what to do with this one in the long run. I’m thinking it will be a gift, but I’m not sure who it will be for yet. Oh well! It’s August, so I’ll have plenty of time to think about it before Christmas.

SPECS: (and a link to my Ravelry project page)

PATTERN: WendyKnits Summer Mystery Shawl 2013 KAL
DESIGNER: Wendy D. Johnson (aka WendyKnits)
YARN: Patons Lace in the Sachet color
NEEDLE: US 4 (3.5 mm)
START/END DATES: June 1, 2013 – July 7, 2013

MODS: None.


7 thoughts on “Friday FO ~ WendyKnits Summer 2013 Mystery Shawl

    1. You can’t see the picture? Weird. I can see the pictures. Can you see pictures on my other posts? Alternately, you could go to my Ravelry page and see the shawl there. I’ll try to figure out what’s gone wrong!

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  1. Oh my, but I love the colors of this. Glad to hear it held the blocking, or seems to be. Gorgeous!

    Speaking of mystery knits, I got the yarn today for my Craftsy September mystery knit, won’t be anything as extreme as a shawl as it only requires about 300 yards of wool, and wouldn’t you know it…I don’t have the right size circular needles. Guess that’s what happens when the majority of one’s supplies came from Canada and the UK, LOL, more shopping for me.

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