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WIP Weds ~ Galder Socks

There are a few things I’ve been knitting this week, but there’s one thing that’s caught my attention more than the rest:


The Galder socks.

These are so much fun. I am in love with them! Fun to knit, fun to look at, you name it. I really like them.


I am using a cable needle for these, instead of cabling without a needle like I usually do these days. However, the yarn (Regia Cotton) is too splitty for  this large a cable to be executed smoothly without a cable needle. It’s not a big problem, the cable needle actually doesn’t slow me down in this case.


Anyway, I could keep going, but I’m sure I will bore the blog readers that come here for book reviews. And if I gush too much about these socks now, there won’t be anything left for the FO post, when I eventually have them finished.

Happy hump day, everyone!


4 thoughts on “WIP Weds ~ Galder Socks

    1. To cable without a cable needle all you really need are pointy knitting needles and a little extra dexterity. Depending on the yarn/needle/cable combination, you might need a LOT of extra dexterity…

      The basic premise behind it is that you swap the stitches on the needle, so that they are now in the order they need to be for the cable. (Rather than moving them as you go with an extra needle, you move them in advance.) the only real tricky part about this is there is a point when the stitches are NOT ON A NEEDLE. They are loose. Free. And if you are not careful, they will escape.

      Cabling without a cable needle, in my opinion, works best with small cables of only one or two stitches. When you get to larger cables, the risk of dropping stitches or picking them up in a mixed up order increases.

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