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ROW Update ~ It’s alive!

Well, this update is REALLY late… oh well. Better late than never?

Here’s how my progress has been so far:


  • Read one craft book – not started yet
  • Re-read T (a prior NaNoNovel) draft and make revision notes – not started yet
  • Complete the “Create a Character Clinic” for the Hero & Heroine of SCVH – started making notes for my Heroine’s motivation


  • Visit with parents & sister a minimum of once a month – done for July over the weekend of the 4th (and again after that a few times to celebrate the birth of my nephew)
  • Minimum of one hike or 2-mile or more walk per month – done for July

WEEKLY GOALS (with the week starting on Sunday):

  • Walk at least 50k steps per week – Not done. I don’t even want to tally how bad I was at meeting this goal last week. I just know it was BAD.
  • Write 3 blogs per week – Success! I posted my ROW update, a WIP Weds post featuring two nearly finished knitting projects, a FO post showcasing the Starflower Socks, and a Friday Reads blog reviewing STEPHANIE PEARL-NCPHEE CASTS OFF.
  • Read & comment on 10 blogs per week – Success! I spent a lot of time in the early part of the week doing even more catch-up on my blog reading and commenting. I still didn’t track how many comments I made, and I follow chatty people, so there’s still a lot more to read. Yikes! I’ll get caught up eventually, right? (Please say I’m right.)
  • 2 hours per week on my theatre projects (I have two projects that I don’t want to detail here, but I want to spend time on them. I know what they are, even if you don’t need to) – Success! I spent a lot of time on theatre projects last week. Granted, it was still only on one of the two projects, but at least I got done what needed to be done. For last week. This week there’s more – and different – stuff to be done.
  • 2 hours per week on the writing and revising items on the Round Goals – No go. I was perhaps too busy with the aforementioned theatre project, because I didn’t get much – if any – writing done.
  • 2 hours per week on my scrapbooks – Success! Still chasing that deadline, but nearly done.
  • 1 “date night” (of any kind) per week with Mr. Wyrm – Success! We (well, he) managed to repair the microwave! And so we went out for cheesecake to celebrate. We also spent some time relaxing at a Starbucks one sunny afternoon, which was a really nice change of pace.

2 thoughts on “ROW Update ~ It’s alive!

  1. Relaxing at a Starbucks…I think I’d die if That Man did more than run through the drive thru, LOL.

    Oh, just so you know all your knitting drool-worthy-ness has not been completely lost on me, I signed up for a mystery knit for September. Now I’m just hoping I have the right size needles for the project!

    Great job on the goals. I love your step goal and am definitely going to look into a pedometer for myself 🙂 All the best for this week!

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