WIP Weds ~ The Finishing Version

Here are two WIPs for you this week. Both will feature WIPs that are nearly done, at least compared to how large a project they happen to be. (In this case I am talking about the shawl. It’s huge, and so though I still have several rows to knit, it counts as nearly done percentage-wise.)

WIP Weds 7-31-13

We may as well start with the shawl. This is the Eliina shawl that I have been mostly knitting while travelling. It’s good mindless knitting — at least the body of it is. Lots of stockinette. But when I decided I wanted to be done with it, that also meant I needed to spend a little more focus on the knitting of it.

WIP Weds 7-31-13

The bottom edge is a lace pattern, and so needs a little more concentration. Add in the fact that I’m knitting this on cobweb-weight yarn, and you have the potential for a knitting disaster if I knit while too distracted. It’s really hard to read cobweb knitting…

WIP Weds 7-31-13

The second WIP is a lot closer to done. These are the Super Sekrit Mitts for my sister, and as you can see they’re going to be done soon. I have a row or two of ribbing on the top of the second mitt, then both thumbs (which won’t take long), and then the hard part:

WIP Weds 7-31-13

Sewing in all the ends. Yikes.


3 thoughts on “WIP Weds ~ The Finishing Version

  1. Good luck with the ends!

  2. That shawl is to die for…love the colors and the lightweight aspect of the yarn. On the other…have fun with those ends, LOL.

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