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WIP Weds ~ The Finishing Version

Here are two WIPs for you this week. Both will feature WIPs that are nearly done, at least compared to how large a project they happen to be. (In this case I am talking about the shawl. It’s huge, and so though I still have several rows to knit, it counts as nearly done percentage-wise.)

WIP Weds 7-31-13

We may as well start with the shawl. This is the Eliina shawl that I have been mostly knitting while travelling. It’s good mindless knitting — at least the body of it is. Lots of stockinette. But when I decided I wanted to be done with it, that also meant I needed to spend a little more focus on the knitting of it.

WIP Weds 7-31-13

The bottom edge is a lace pattern, and so needs a little more concentration. Add in the fact that I’m knitting this on cobweb-weight yarn, and you have the potential for a knitting disaster if I knit while too distracted. It’s really hard to read cobweb knitting…

WIP Weds 7-31-13

The second WIP is a lot closer to done. These are the Super Sekrit Mitts for my sister, and as you can see they’re going to be done soon. I have a row or two of ribbing on the top of the second mitt, then both thumbs (which won’t take long), and then the hard part:

WIP Weds 7-31-13

Sewing in all the ends. Yikes.


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