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ROW80 Update

Today’s Round of Words challenge update is a bit late (I was supposed to post it yesterday) and contains an apology for missing last week’s. But last week I was in Disneyland (surprise, surprise) and so was in no mood to blog remotely.

At any rate, late is better than never, and here is my progress for last week:


  • Read one craft book – not started yet
  • Re-read T (a prior NaNoNovel) draft and make revision notesnot started yet
  • Complete the “Create a Character Clinic” for the Hero & Heroine of SCVH – downloaded to my phone for easier access


  • Visit with parents & sister a minimum of once a month – done for July over the weekend of the 4th
  • Minimum of one hike or 2-mile or more walk per month done for July

WEEKLY GOALS (with the week starting on Sunday):

  • Walk at least 50k steps per week – Success! My pedometer says I walked 53,822 steps from Sunday – Saturday.
  • Write 3 blogs per week – Success! I posted a Ten on Tuesday blog about beating the heat, a WIP Weds post featuring my Starflower socks, and a Friday Reads post with my review of THE HOUSE WITH A CLOCK IN ITS WALLS (Lewis Barnavelt book #1).
  • Read & comment on 10 blogs per week – I think I read 10 blogs or so, but I did not comment on them. Oops.
  • 2 hours per week on my theatre projects (I have two projects that I don’t want to detail here, but I want to spend time on them. I know what they are, even if you don’t need to) – I maybe spent half the time I planned on this. So better than nothing, but not quite success.
  • 2 hours per week on the writing and revising items on the Round Goals – not done this week
  • 2 hours per week on my scrapbooks – Not done. I was too exhausted for “play”.
  • 1 “date night” (of any kind) per week with Mr. Wyrm – done! If you count Disneyland, we spent a date weekend. If you don’t count that, we went to a Disney talk event together on Saturday that was a blast.

So that’s my week. How was yours?


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