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WIP Weds 7.17.13 ~ Starflower

Look at the pretty!


These are the Starflower Socks, and they are nearly done.


They are also the extent of my WIP Weds post for today. I would normally have more than one thing to show off, but this has been a week of project monogamy. (Don’t worry, that won’t last.) I considered posting my ROW80 update today, since I was away from my desk and unable to post it on Sunday, but I’m too tired. And crampy. Never underestimate the power of the cramp. Ick.


Instead, have another Starflower Sock photo. I plan to make matching mitts later this year, and since I’m on the final ribbing of these today, there should be a Finished Object post in the near future.

Happy hump day, everyone!


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