10 on Tuesday

Ten On Tuesday ~ Hot Hot Hot

Today’s 10 on Tuesday prompt is “Ten Ways to Beat the Heat.” Well, there are times I quite enjoy the heat, so I don’t always look for ways to “beat” it. I do also enjoy cooler weather though, AND I live in sunny California, so I guess I have lots of experience with it. Typically I wouldn’t worry about “beating” the heat for another few weeks at the earliest, though. I like hot weather at the start of summer… it’s only by the end of summer that I’m sick of it.

10 Ways to Beat The Heat

1. Stay hydrated. This seems like a no-brainer, but it’s something people forget all too often.

2. Seek out the shade. Again, something that seems like it should be common sense, but sometimes isn’t.

3. Eat frozen fruit. My favorite is grapes, at least when eating them by themselves. I do like (thawed but formerly frozen) berries mixed with yogurt, though.

4. ICE CREAM! There are never enough excuses for eating ice cream.

5. Water rides at amusement parks! My favorite are the river rapids style water ride, though flume rides are also good if you can manage the drop at the end.

6. Swimming. Also, if you are not quite ready to “beat” the heat yet, this gives you plenty of opportunity to enjoy the heat.

7. Go to the cinema! Movie theaters are a great place to spend the heat of the day in the summer. They’re air conditioned, and summer movies are often the most enjoyable to watch.

8. Shower mid-day instead of in the morning or at night. When you can swing it, that is. On workdays very few people will be able to do this. I like shifting to mid-day showers on hot summer weekends, though.

9. Do your outdoor activities in the morning and evening. This is not always possible, but it does help to stay inside during the worst of the heat. My favorite times to go for walks around town are summer evenings anyway – and the best hikes are summer (or late spring) mornings when everything is crisp and fresh.

10. Wet facecloths. Damp washcloths are great for keeping yourself from overheating on hot days. It’s also a good way to keep from getting sunscreen in your eyes – as long as you remember to reapply said sunscreen when you are finished wiping your face.


6 thoughts on “Ten On Tuesday ~ Hot Hot Hot

  1. Unfortunately, I tend to get really really really focused on something (such as, say, packing or unpacking) and not drink enough because I have absolutely no sense of time passing. When I realize the error of my ways, I drink lots, but generally can’t prevent the next day’s migraine. 😦

  2. LOL, you had a lot of what I would have done had I got around to this. We also like playing board games as an indoor activity to beat the heat, in fact, that’s about the only time we play!

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