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WIP Weds ~ Fleeced

Happy WIP Weds! This will be a quickie post today, since there’s not a lot in the active WIP pile at the moment. There are things that have become FOs, but you’ll have to wait until Friday to see the first of those.

7-10 Starflower

First up is the current state of the Starflower socks. I haven’t been working on these with as much single mindedness as I was during week two of THE GRAND DUKE (and since we only run for two weeks, that’s the extent of my theatre knitting for a while. Oh well.

7-10 Mitts

Next is the backside of the Super Sekrit Mitts for my sister. As I mentioned when I first posted about these, I’ll show you the front when she has safely received them. I do like these mitts. I hope they fit her well, though I do suspect they’ll be a little large on her. Better slightly big than slightly small? I hope so, anyway.

Also, colorwork is fun. And it goes so fast! Fun fun fun!

7-10 Spinning

The last WIP is the newest, and the only non-knitting WIP for this week. It is the spinning I’m doing for the Tour de Fleece. I’ve been a bad spinner, and haven’t done much of it lately. Even for the TdF I’ve been spinning a lot less than I intended. I haven’t been spinning daily, nor for very long each time I do pick it up. It’s a ton of fun, though!

This is Wonderland Dyeworks‘ Merino/Tussah Silk roving in the Blooming Meadow colorway, and I’m hand-blending it with some of their color-matched nylon Firestar fiber for added sparkle. I’ll be curious to see how it turns out when finished.

Spinning 7-10

I may have wasted the first bit of what I spun, though. I was planning on spinning a fingering weight single and knitting a shawl from that, but as I worked with it I realized that the yarn wanted to be thinner, so I’ll make it a 2-ply yarn instead. Oh well. Each new spinning project is a little like that for me. Have to find out what the fiber wants to be! I’m not yet good enough to figure that out before I start spinning. I think a spinning class is what I want next from my crafty life. I don’t really need another knitting class in order to be happy with my technique (not now that I’ve learned the basics of Continental knitting), but a spinning class would make me happier with that finished product. Hmm.

Happy Wednesday, everyone! I hope your week and your summer are shaping up nicely.

4 thoughts on “WIP Weds ~ Fleeced

  1. LOve your colorwork mitts. I need to challenge myself with colorwork again soon. SUmmer is shaping up big time this week! FUN times as I am on vacation not working

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