Ten On Tuesday ~ All by my onesey

Before we get started with today’s Ten on Tuesday, I want to announce something exciting: my friend Julie has a new book release!

Her novel SABASKA’S TALE has been released earlier than anticipated, and I really look forward to reading it. This novel is one that I’ve been following for years. Julie and I started our writing life as a part of the same critique group, and this is the novel that she was working on at the time. (My novel from the time needs some major re-work that I haven’t put into it yet. I’m thinking that will be a project for 2014.) This is very exciting for me to see where the novel has come since I know where it started. Yay Julie! It’s also bittersweet release timing, as the horse in the tale is named after Julie’s beloved Arabian mare who passed away not long ago. It’s good to see her immortalized in story, though.

Okay… and now that I’m done pimping the book (for now), it’s time to move on to the Ten On Tuesday prompt for the week, which is:

10 Favorite Things To Do When You’re Alone

1. Read. Not that I can’t do this around other people, but I like it best when alone.

2. Knit lace. Unlike some more social knitting, lace can be fiddley and is best done with few distractions.

3. Dye my hair. It’s a messy process, and I look silly while doing it.

4. Practice anything. I don’t like to be seen doing anything while I suck at it. So practice time is best when it’s alone time.

5. Exercise. This kinda goes along with the practice one, but even more so.

6. Write. Minimal distractions is best for my writing output. So even when I’m not alone, I like to put in earphones and pretend I’m alone.

7. Cry. It’s a personal thing for me. (And messy.)

8. Work on my scrapbooks. Mostly this is an alone activity because I get absorbed in it and ignore the people and things around me, so I feel guilty when I’m scrapbooking and NOT alone. I feel like I’m supposed to be paying attention to other people, and I’m not. I’m working on this feeling, and getting to the point where I can scrapbook with Mr. Wyrm around and not feel like I’m neglecting him. It’s a work in progress, though.

9. Sing at the top of my lungs. I have no problem singing at a normal volume around other people. It’s only when I’m at full voice that I want to be alone. It’s a self-conscious thing. I get shy.

10. Talk to myself. It’s too weird talking to yourself when there are other people present. They always think you are talking to them, and it gets awkward…

7 thoughts on “Ten On Tuesday ~ All by my onesey

  1. Chris says:

    LOL about talking to yourself – I talk to the kitties all the time, which is pretty much the same thing. 🙂

  2. Donna says:

    Yes – knitting lace is definitely best while alone!

  3. I’m a lone scrapper too but more because packing up a project or two to scrap somewhere else, with someone else is too much work, LOL.

    Love the cover on Julie’s book. I’ll definitely have to look into it 🙂

  4. Kym says:

    I talk to myself constantly when I’m alone . . . like . . . I narrate my life to myself. Very weird. (And YES to the lace knitting! If there is any type of distraction, I screw up. And I’m frequently distracted. . .)

  5. Lorraine says:

    Nicole- well, that answers does she or doesn’t she? I dye my hair (and eyebrows) and look like Groucho Marx.

  6. mrspao says:

    Yep, I can relate to wanting to do all those things alone. pao, however, is an excellent hair dyer so I let him do mine when I do it.

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