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Round Of Words ~ Round Three Kick-off

So I am joining the Round of Words challenge again this time, but I’ve decided on something that will (hopefully) help me to be successful in it: I am including a bunch of other things that I want to get done, nut just writing. My biggest problem in past rounds has been that I have too much on my plate, and I felt guilty when I worked on some of those other projects instead of my writing. So, if I include those other things in my ROW goals, I’m hoping that I can manage them all, and get my time management back on track.

I have four items that fit into my basic plan for ROW 2013 round 3. They are: to prep SCVH for NaNo ’13; to prep T for revision by New Year ’13 (with submission to follow in early 2014); to get my Life Stuff to continue to stay in order while I get my writing life back on a schedule; and to make time for family to fit in with writing. I think it’s all very doable, so now I just need to, you know, DO IT.

Without any further ado, here are my goals for this round, and a brief description of what I managed to get done this past week:


  • Read one craft book – not started yet
  • Re-read T (a prior NaNoNovel) draft and make revision notes – not started yet
  • Complete the “Create a Character Clinic” for the Hero & Heroine of SCVH – not started yet


  • Visit with parents & sister a minimum of once a month – done for July over the weekend of the 4th
  • Minimum of one hike or 2-mile or more walk per month – done for July

WEEKLY GOALS (with the week starting on Sunday):

  • Walk at least 50k steps per week – due to the holiday, I didn’t wear my pedometer all the time this past week. I have no real idea if I did this or not…
  • Write 3 blogs per week – Since I’m starting my week on Sunday, instead of ending it on Sunday, I wrote two, not three, but that was mostly intentional due to the holiday.
  • Read & comment on 10 blogs per week – sensing a theme here… this was not done because my schedule was thrown off by the holiday.
  • 2 hours per week on my theatre projects (I have two projects that I don’t want to detail here, but I want to spend time on them. I know what they are, even if you don’t need to) – done, though I only spent time on one of the two projects.
  • 2 hours per week on the writing and revising items on the Round Goals – not done this week
  • 2 hours per week on my scrapbooks – done!
  • 1 “date night” (of any kind) per week with Mr. Wyrm – done! This week it was a weekend of movie watching. We watched Thor, Captain America, and The Avengers. We started with Captain America on the 4th of July… it seemed very appropriate.

So that’s my week. How was yours?


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