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WIP Weds 7.3.13

Happy belated Canada Day and Happy Early (American) Independence Day to all my blog readers to whom that applies! I forgot to mention the one and will be too busy relaxing to mention the other, so I’ll say them both at once.

Also, happy hump day! Let’s start things off with the Summery Mystery Shawl 2013 from Wendy Johnson.

WIP Weds 7-3-13

It’s not so much a mystery now that the last clue has been released, but that’s okay. And I fell behind on the last two clues due to being unable to knit this while backstage at THE GRAND DUKE (put on stage by Lyric Theatre of San Jose), so I haven’t finished yet and it’s already July. Oh well. I did finish a pair of socks you’ve seen around here before, but you’ll have to wait until they’ve had their bath to see them.

WIP Weds 7-3-13

I took these photos with my BIL’s DSLR, and they’re not the greatest photos. I’m still learning the tricks of his camera. I borrowed the camera for a little while, because I want a DSLR myself and don’t know what features I  can’t live without and which I don’t care about. My BIL’s is different from my parents (which I am familiar with) so hopefully this way I can get more acquainted with what I want and what I don’t.

I also spent some time knitting on a pair of socks that you haven’t seen in a while:

WIP Weds 7-3-13

… the Starflower socks. These are still fun socks, and I’m looking forward to having them finished so I can wear them. (Well, once the weather cools off a bit.) I’m using Miriam Felton’s Better Fitting Toe-Up Heel Flap, and I’m curious to see if they will feel as comfortable over the long run as they did when I tried the sock on for length.

WIP Weds 7-3-13

I do like the way the pattern breaks up the stripes, but there is still some pooling that these pictures make very obvious. Oh well. I don’t think it looks bad, but it *IS* obvious pooling.

And for anyone who is wondering, yes I will be doing ROW80 this time around. I have even been working on my goals, but I prefer to post about it on Sundays, so you’ll have to wait until this weekend to read about it.


3 thoughts on “WIP Weds 7.3.13

  1. oh my gosh I LOVE LOVE LOVE the shawl pattern. YOu are so good that you can knit lace. Love the socks too. Must regroup with the watermelon socks. It needs a lace pattern to break it up…
    Maybe a simple feather and fan.. I think i can do that

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