10 on Tuesday

Ten on Tuesday ~ Burger Time!

Today’s Ten on Tuesday prompt is “10 Favorite Burger Toppings”. We’re also allowed to use sandwich toppings if we don’t like burgers… I do like burgers, and I didn’t even have to split up ketchup and mustard (or lettuce and tomato) to get to 10 favorite toppings! That was unexpected.

1. Cheese! I don’t like hamburgers much, but I love cheeseburgers.

1a. Pepper Jack Cheese. I know, I could just leave this as an implied part of #1, but it’s different enough to me. I don’t like adding peppers to my burgers, but pepper-in-the-cheese is a nice variety.

2. Onion straws. Yum. Similar to, but much better than, onion rings on a burger.

3. BACON. Especially nice crispy bacon. Moister bacon is good for eating with breakfast. But when it comes to a burger (or a sandwich), only crispy bacon need apply.

4. Guacamole. But not avocado. I don’t like avocado unless it’s in guac.

5. Ketchup, mustard, and mayonnaise. In varied combinations. Sometimes one, sometimes none, sometimes all three.

6. Thousand Island dressing. Like they serve at In-N-Out Burger. Yum.

7. Grilled onions. But not in too large a chunk. I like them in smaller pieces better, and preferably on the sweeter side.

8. Lettuce and tomato. But not too much. Just enough.

9. Pickles. Sometimes.

10. BBQ sauce. On a rare occasion, anyway. I don’t like it all of the time, but in some cases I love it. The most common time I will have BBQ sauce on a burger is when I eat at Red Robin – their Whiskey River BBQ Burger is WONDERFUL. (BBQ sauce and onion straws. Yum.)


4 thoughts on “Ten on Tuesday ~ Burger Time!

  1. No onions for me – I’ve become intolerant to them. Everything else, other than the 1000 island dressing, would be on my list, too.

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