App Review

It’s been a while since I’ve done an app review on the blog, so let’s do one now, shall we? Especially since I didn’t see a Ten on Tuesday prompt for the week.

Here are 5 of my current favorite apps for the iPhone. Apologies to those of you with other types of smartphones, but as I don’t have any of them I can’t do reviews for your phones specifically. You may be able to find these apps on your phones as well, but no promises. If I know about other platforms for these apps, I will list them. However, I may not end up finding them all… the only platform I know they exist on FOR SURE is the iPhone, since that’s what I have them for.

1. Scurvy Scallywags (game, match-three style)

This game is a hilarious take on the classic match-three game. (Match-three being games like Bejeweled, Candy Crush, etc.) It uses pirate treasure as the items to match instead of the common jewels, but then it adds a twist. It also adds pirates to the items to match, and when your pirate is next to an enemy pirate, you either have to move them apart again, or match them to fight. There are quests to complete, ships to build, and shanty song verses to collect (and listen to). It’s all quite amusing, and probably my Game Of The Year (even though it’s only June).

Best of all, it’s only $0.99 on iTunes.

2. Any.DO (to-do list and reminder app)

I have been looking for a good to-do list app for a long time. I’ve tried most of the decent-looking free ones, and I may have bought one or two of the cheaper paid apps, too. Nothing I found worked for me (including Apple’s Reminders app) until I tried Any.DO. This will set time reminders, and lets you make lists inside lists. There is also a location-based reminder, but that’s new and I haven’t fully tested it yet. It seems like it will work nicely, though. I also like that there is a linked web browser app for Chrome. (They were talking about porting it to other browsers too when I last looked, but I don’t know if they’ve made any progress on that yet.)

This one is available for iPhone, Android, and Chrome. Info is on iTunes or their website.

3. Fitbit (fitness tracker, calorie counter, & sleep tracker)

I use this app to track all kinds of things. My weight, my steps, my sleep… all kinds of things. However, I also have a Fitbit One pedometer, and I don’t know how well it would work without the linked pedometer. I do love the pedometer too, by the by, which (in addition to other things) is a great silent alarm for workdays. One thing I do not use Fitbit for is calorie counting. I find that it doesn’t have nearly as good a selection of food items compared to other similar apps. (see below)

This is a free app found on iTunes here. It does have a linked website & app, though you may need a Fitbit pedometer (there are various types) in order to use this. I don’t know.

4. My Fitness Pal (calorie counter & fitness tracker)

I pair this app with my Fitbit app for calorie counting. They sync with each other nicely, and THIS one has a lot larger database of foods. I also like the barcode scanning feature to find food items. That makes things a lot easier for me.

Again, this is a free app on iTunes, with a linked website. (I don’t use the website, though.)

5. Feedly (feed reader app, my probable replacement for Google Reader)

I am sad that Google Reader is going away. But since it is, I have decided to try out Feedly, and so far I like it well enough. There are things I really like (it’s PRETTY!), things I kinda like (such as the wide variety of swipe commands), and things I’m not sure I like (can’t figure out what I want my start page to be, but I don’t like the default). I’m still working with it. We’ll see how well it grows on me long term.

Found on iTunes, as well as a website that I haven’t used but is found here.


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