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Ten On Tuesday ~ playtime!

Today’s 10 on Tuesday prompt is “10 Favorite Backyard Games.” This is a hard one for me, and will have to go back to childhood games my sister and I used to play. Not only am I currently lacking a back yard, I don’t play outdoor games nearly as much as I used to. (I suppose I should. But I don’t. Common story, I think.)

At any rate, without further ado, here are ten of my favorite back yard games:

1. Swimming! We had a pool in the back yard for most of my childhood, so there wasn’t much room for other back yard games. (Don’t worry. I’ll include front yard games and park games, too. Also, we moved partway through my school years, and had a different kind of back yard then. You’ll see.)

2. Tug-Of-War with the dog. I don’t have a dog anymore, and playing tug-or-war with the cat is an entirely different sport. (I can sometimes borrow my parents’ dog for games of tug, though.)

3. Diving! For rings, for rocks, for anything we decided to throw into the deep end of the pool. We made many a game out of it.

4. Croquet. I suspect we played it wrong, but we enjoyed it all the same.

5. Make-believe. This might not be a “game” in some people’s minds, but it was in ours, and we spent many long hours at it. I suspect that looking back, it should be no surprise that she went on to become an actress and I an author (though both amateur at the moment).

6. Horseshoes. This, again, was something that we might not have been using the official rules for, but we enjoyed ourselves.

7. Bocce ball. Now, this is one that I played in a friend’s back yard. Not very often, but on occasion, and it was fun.

8. Horseback riding! Again perhaps not a “game,” but still fun. And yes, believe it or not, this was in the backyard.

9. Frisbee. Both with the dog and without.

10. Hide and seek. Though mostly we played this while in the pool. And often when the person we were “hiding” from was in the attached, raised hot tub. It was a really cool pool. It had rockwork along the sides, with a waterfall flowing from the spa to the pool if you had the circulation system on that way. (That was great when you wanted to swim but the pool was cold. A waterfall of warm water. Mmm.) Anyway, there were unintentional handholds which let us cling to the side of the spa without being seen. And then we could splash the people in the hot tub with cold water. (Hey, I didn’t say EVERYONE enjoyed this game. My sister and I did, though.)


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