Friday Reads ~ 6.14.13

For today’s Friday Reads blog post, let’s do another look at three books. I’ve stolen it from a few other book bloggers, but if I steal it enough times it will become expected content on here, too. 🙂


Web of Lies by Jennifer Estep.
(For a full review, go to my dedicated book review blog, here.)

What I liked: I love the way there is romance without the series BEING a romance. The thing I liked most was probably the way the world’s magic crept more into the storytelling than I remember it from the first novel. I also enjoyed the character development – of the main character, Gin, but also of the supporting cast.

What I didn’t like: The book’s villain. I know, he’s the bad guy, you’re not supposed to like him. But even as a bad guy I didn’t like him. Based on the teaser chapter of book 3 I expect to like the villains in the next book, though. And I really like Mab Monroe, who seems to be the series villain. So I have high hopes for the future of this series.


Smoke and Shadows by Tanya Huff

This is a re-read, and I know I will enjoy it. I always do. I really like Tanya’s Smoke series, more than the Blood series. I think this is mostly because I really like Tony, the main character in the Smoke books. I like the supporting cast in this book, too, but I don’t remember how well I like the villain. I’ll enjoy remembering that part.

I also remember this first book as being more confusing than the other two books in the series. Since Tony is discovering previously unknown magical powers, this confusion makes sense. But the result is I have memories of book three being my favorite. I’m looking forward to trying this one out again.


I haven’t quite decided. Maybe Smoke and Mirrors by Tanya Huff, book #2 in the series. Or maybe an eBook – I have a lot sitting on my reader, waiting more-or-less patiently. Depending on how long it takes me to finish the current book, I also might start whichever (writing) craft book I decide to read next quarter for the Round Of Words. We’ll see!


3 thoughts on “Friday Reads ~ 6.14.13

  1. You know, I’ve had Huff’s Blood series on my list forever and I’ve yet to even attempt it, LOL. Maybe I should try the Smoke series 🙂

  2. kathy boyer says:

    My al is a big re reader! enjoy

  3. mrspao says:

    All of those sound good. 🙂

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