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Ten On Tuesday ~ Grateful

Before we get to the regularly scheduled 10 on Tuesday blog, I want to take a moment to congratulate the winners of my birthday/wedding/blog milestone contest! I used Random.Org to select the winners:

The winner of the yarny prize is L-Squared!

The winner of the booky prize is Kathy B!

Both winners have been emailed. Congrats, and thanks to everyone for helping me celebrate!

Now on to the weekly list…

Today’s 10 on Tuesday prompt is one that’s rather appropriate today. It is “10 Times You Felt Grateful Last Week.” This is more appropriate than usual because last night I attended the memorial service for a friend who succumbed to cancer last week after a couple years of battling the disease. So while it was a sad week, I did also spend more time than usual being intentionally grateful. Apologies, but you may need a tissue for this one. I did. (They’re not all sad, though, and I’ve tried to intersperse the melancholy with the happy.)

10 Times I Felt Grateful Last Week

  1. When I hugged Mr. Wyrm after work the day we found out about our friend. I felt selfish, too, but very grateful that I had him, and that we both have our health. It makes the minor health issues we have been dealing with seem very petty in comparison.
  2. When my cat sat on my lap over the weekend, purring as I knit, and didn’t try to eat the yarn.
  3. When I thought about the memories of good times my friend and I shared. There might not be as many of them as I’d have liked, but they were good ones.
  4. When I got on the scale and saw that I’m down my goal of 15 pounds! Now to keep it off. 🙂
  5. Every time a friend of mine responded to my post on FB ranting about cancer, and when I saw the number of people reaching out to my late friend’s husband. (I was also one of them.) Nothing can make this time easy for him, but hopefully our support can make it easier.
  6. When I remembered that whatever else, my friend is no longer in pain.
  7. When I got to sleep in over the weekend, and woke up only to roll over and snuggle with Mr. Wyrm.
  8. When I sold some things on eBay. (Though I’m not sure if I was more grateful that they sold, or that I was getting them out of the house…)
  9. Every time I spoke with a family member. We found out about my friend’s passing early in the week, so I’d been thinking about untimely death for most of last week.
  10. When I realized that I like my new metallic blue nail polish. (Sometimes a girl’s just gotta wear funky shades of nail polish.)

I hope your experiences last week were less sad than mine, but still. Reminders to be grateful for this thing called life are important. Here’s to a happier time this week.


6 thoughts on “Ten On Tuesday ~ Grateful

  1. Your list is lovely. I am so Happy to be a book winner! I need a summer book. I was sick as a dog last night….I dont want to give the details, but I spent all day cleaning up my bedroom and path to the bathroom……I just now REMEMBERED Im a winner and I feel so much better now. Thank you thank you.

  2. Congrats to the winners.

    A great list Nicole. I remember raging against cancer on FB when it took my cousin a few years ago. Family far and wide came together. It was amazing amongst the pain and sorrow. It sounds like you and your friend’s hubby had a similar experience. You all are in my thoughts {{hugs}}

  3. I still think almost daily about my friend who died several years ago. It makes you think about what it important and what you’re grateful for.

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