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WIP Weds 6.5.13 ~ KAL Time!

Don’t forget that there’s still time to enter my birthday/wedding/I-forget-what-blog-milestone contest! You can enter to win a bookity prize or a yarny prize. For details and to enter, click on the link.

Today’s WIP Wednesday post is going to feature not all of my current works-in-progress, but it will feature the two which are part of June KALs. One of these knit-alongs is the Summer Mystery Shawl by WendyKnits (aka Wendy Johnson), so if you don’t want spoiler photos, you might want to skip this post. Or at least the end of it, since I will post that one after the first WIP.

Speaking of this first WIP, I’m only going to show bits of it from here until Christmas, because it’s a present for my sister that I don’t want spoiled. If you want to see the full details of it (AND YOU’RE NOT MY SISTER) you can go to my Ravelry project page for those details.

So, here’s the cast-on for the first WIP of this post:


It’s the cuff of a fingerless mitt (I can say that much) that I think she’ll love. The pattern is Schnecken by SpillyJane, and I’m hoping I can keep my tension even with the colorwork. This is my June KAL for the Fingerless Gloves Fanatics group on Ravelry. This month was a choose-your-own-mitt-adventure, with a theme of underappreciated patters. (AKA fewer than 15 Ravelry projects.)


These are the colors I’ll be using for it, if all goes well. All KnitPicks Pallete. If the contrast isn’t good enough between the two darker colors I may have to reevaluate. We’ll see.

Okay, and now on to the KAL WIP that’s been getting more knit time so far this month: The WendyKnits Summer 2013 Mystery Shawl!


I’ve been knitting this one more, mostly because I want to keep up with the clue release schedule. I’m using Paton’s Lace in the Sachet colorway. So far, it’s been pretty nice to work with for a mostly acrylic yarn.


I like the pattern definition so far, too. I didn’t end up knitting a swatch, because my May Mitts took so long to finish (read: I kept making mistakes) that I didn’t have any time in late May to work on other projects. It worked out okay, though – I used the needle size listed on the yarn’s ball band, and it is probably the size I would have picked had I done test swatches. The lace is nicely defined, but the stockinette is still solid enough to provide a nice contrast.


Here’s to fun knitting in June! I hope your month is starting out well!


4 thoughts on “WIP Weds 6.5.13 ~ KAL Time!

  1. I LOVE your fingerless color choices..>I too have to concentrate on evening out stitches when I do fair isle, or color work. Your shawl colors are gorgeous too!

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