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Friday Reads 5.24.13 ~ On Writing

So, I am still reading Steven King’s ON WRITING. Kinda. “Still reading” as in “have not yet finished.” I have also moved on and read other things, too. I read GAMING FOR KEEPS, the ebook I reviewed last week. (And which is up for one of two prizes in my birthday/wedding/I-forget-what-blog-milestone contest. Go enter! I’ll wait.)

Then I tried to get back to the King book. I figured that I’d promised to get the GFK review up before the book’s release date on June 10th. But I’m still in the early section of ON WRITING, and while it’s fascinating stuff, I didn’t want to read a biography when I picked up the book. I wanted to read a craft book about, you know, WRITING.

So I wandered again. I’m now reading, and enjoying, the third Wishcraft mystery, THE GOOD THE BAD AND THE WITCHY. (By Heather Blake. Fun series.) And much though I want to read the other book, I just don’t think I’ll be getting back to it anytime soon. Maybe I’ll skim the early parts and read the later section on the actual craft of writing. Maybe I’ll develop a new appreciation for the book as a whole next week, once I start up my ROW goals again.

But you know what? My fiction TBR pile is so enticing right now. Maybe I’ll just put this book aside for a while longer until I feel like reading a biography. I do have the next writing craft book I want to read lined up already. Maybe I’ll move on to that one instead.


3 thoughts on “Friday Reads 5.24.13 ~ On Writing

  1. I’m in a fiction kind of mode right now too which is bad as I have a ton of non fiction I want to/have to read.

    Didn’t you know that Steven King’s life IS what writing is?

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