10 on Tuesday

Ten on Tuesday ~ Pic-i-nic

Today’s Ten on Tuesday prompt is “10 Things You Would Bring on a Picnic.” This is a fun topic, though I haven’t been on a picnic in a while. It shouldn’t be too hard to remember my favorite picnic items, though.

1. Knitting. I bring my knitting almost everywhere, and a picnic is the perfect place to knit. I have to admit, though, it can sometimes get you in trouble. I got a surprisingly nasty sunburn on my ankle once because I was sitting in the same position knitting my Icarus shawl one spring, and I hadn’t thought to put sunscreen on my legs because I was wearing jeans.

2. Something to sit on. Blankets, towels, cushions, even tarps. But the grass is often damp, and I’d rather get the blanket damp than my pants.

3. Water! Even if we bring something else to drink, it’s too easy to get dehydrated without realizing it when you spend the afternoon outside.

4. Burger or hot dogs or something to grill. I know that picnics don’t have to include a BBQ, but the picnics I’ve been to most often were essentially an excuse to get together at a park and BBQ on someone else’s grill.

5. Grilling supplies. Charcoal, utensils, etc. These are sometimes the hardest things to remember, since you can never be quite sure which of your kitchen implements you will end up wanting. We usually go to one extreme or the other: we either end up improvising something, or bringing the whole kitchen with us.

6. Potato salad! BBQ or no BBQ, no picnic seems complete without a potato salad.

7. Music. While not strictly necessary, it seems my favorite picnics have all had some kind of boom box providing tunes.

8. Sports or games of some kind. Granted, my favorite game is watching the other picnic goes play the games while I knit, but still. Most people like to play soccer or volleyball or horseshoes or something while the burgers cook.

9. Sunscreen. Even if YOU remember to apply it at home, SOMEONE always forgets.

10. And last but most definitely not least, FRIENDS! No picnic (in my mind) is complete as a party of one.


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