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Friday Reads 5.10.13 ~ eReading

So, I ended up sneaking an eBook in there between my planned books. Mostly because I read it while also reading ON WRITING – it’s hard to say you’re reading something “next” when it’s really simultaneously.

The sneaky book in question was an eBook, PRETTY SOULS by Julie Patrika. It was really enjoyable for me, as it’s a contemporary paranormal young adult action/mystery book with hints of (teen-appropriate) romance. It hits a lot of my enjoyment buttons, and I had fun reading it. (Now I just want her to get the second one published, too.)

However, the book is not the purpose of my post today. I’ll be writing a real review of it later, but today I want to talk about eBooks vs. paper books.

Do you have a preference? If so, why?

For me, I have no preference. I like both for different reasons. Nothing an eReader can do will ever replace the new book smell (or old book smell) and the feel of physically turning pages. I love seeing my bookshelf full of books, knowing that I can pick up any one of them and be transported into another world.

On the other hand, by using the various eReader apps on my smartphone, I can carry dozens of books with me in my pocket, anywhere I go. I am never without reading material. (And for a bookwyrm, that is a VERY GOOD THING.)

I can’t imagine my eReader ever completely taking the place of my real books, but I also can’t envision going back to life without one. I like both too much to give one up.


5 thoughts on “Friday Reads 5.10.13 ~ eReading

  1. I never use the eReader on my phone, it’s just too darn small although I have no problems reading, say Ravelry.

    My mother is an eReader convert. I bought her one for Christmas and she’s shocked how much better she like the eReader. She can adjust the font and it’s generally lighter in weight.

  2. I still prefer paper books. I love the smell of a new book and I find the smell of old books heavenly 😉 There is something strangely more intimate in reading a paper book…turning the pages, holding something solid in my hands.
    Of course the e-book can be very useful when you can’t afford a paper one or can’t find it, but I don’t have any e-reader that I can take with me…so fairly useless for me. Also my eyes don’t enjoy reading off the screen either.
    Give me a book and I will be happy any day!

  3. I much prefer reading ebooks to reading paper – paper books are cumbersome. Going on vacation is a lot easier!

    When I was switching to ebooks, I would find myself trying to “turn” physical pages on the ereader. Now, I’ve found myself tapping the edge of the page of paper books…

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