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WIP Weds 5/8/13 ~ Eliina

Today I want to show off the Eliina shawl, because while it’s gotten a little repetitive and sometimes boring to knit, I do love the way it’s turning out. There’s only one problem: it’s really, REALLY hard to see the progress in pictures.

Eliina progress 5/8

So instead of showing progress, I took some sunlight photos of the shawl that show off what I love about it most: the color changes. The other pictures I’ve taken of this shawl look good, but it really looks best in the sun.

Eliina progress 5/8

It’s been fun watching the colors change. There are so many different long color repeat yarns these days! I love them. One interesting thing for me has always been determining when the sequence repeats. I haven’t found it yet with this one. That could be because it’s a cobweb weight yarn and the skein has so much of it (look at the below picture – I have tons left still!), or it could be that I have become overwhelmed with the size of this thing and haven’t seen the repeat because the width of the stripes have changed, throwing me off. I don’t think so, though. I think it just hasn’t repeated yet.

Eliina progress 5/8

I am enjoying this shawl. I will enjoy it more when it is finished, but for now it’s at least an enjoyable way to pass the time knitting something I don’t really have to think about. The part I really don’t want to think about is how much yarn is left, and how much more time I could potentially spend knitting this thing.

Eliina progress 5/8

I’ll just get lost in the pretty colors and try to focus on that.


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