Friday Reads 5/3/13 ~ Three-Book Friday

Today’s Friday Reads post is a tale of three books: the book I just finished, the book I’m reading now, and the book I’ll be reading next. Sort-of a mini review of each, with full reviews to come later (maybe) even though they may be posted on my book review site (BookWyrmReads) and not here. I don’t always post ALL of the reviews to my main site, so if you’re looking for a book review of mine, BookWyrmReads is the best place to go.

JUST FINISHED: Dragondrums by Anne McCaffrey, #3 in the Harper Hall trilogy in her Pern universe

What I liked: I love the early Pern books. The plot is well planned, and woven into all aspects of the novel. Things that seem random often end up having a point later on. It is a really well-crafted book, for all that it’s short by today’s standards. Then again, the Harper Hall trilogy is often called YA in today’s market, so I guess the length is more in line with YA novels than modern adult novels. (It’s really weird to think of this book as having been written so long ago. I mean, I grew up with the series, but still.)

What I didn’t like: It is an older book. So some of the writing styles that were popular then aren’t in fashion now. Some of the usual ways of handling situations in fiction have changed, and sometimes that bugged me. Naturally I can’t think of any examples at the moment.

READING NOW: On Writing by Stephen King

What I like: It’s a fascinating look into Stephen King’s life. He’s got some great anecdotes there, and some good insights into how his growing-up made him a better writer. I also really liked reading the foreword and remembering that Stephen King and Dave Barry were (are?) in a band together. I’d heard about that band from Barry, but it never registered that I might know of the other members of that band. (And I know several of them now.)

What I don’t like: It’s hard at this point to figure out how to apply it to me. I’m not very far in to the book yet, granted, but I haven’t gotten out of the section about how Stephen-King-the-writer was formed and into a section that might have hints on how I can grow as a writer. I think they’re there, but I haven’t found them yet.

READING NEXT: The Good, The Bad, and The Witchy by Heather Blake, #3 in the Wishcraft Mystery series

What I expect to like: The rest of these books have been cozy mysteries, with just enough humor and romance thrown in to make it a fun and enjoyable read. I expect the same from this one.

What I expect to dislike: I can’t think of anything that has me worried about this one. Unlike some of the other cozy mysteries I’ve read, this one doesn’t (thankfully) feature an annoying love triangle that seems there only to keep the heroine’s love life a mystery, too.


7 thoughts on “Friday Reads 5/3/13 ~ Three-Book Friday

  1. It’s really weird to think of this book as having been written so long ago. I mean, I grew up with the series, but still.

    Yes. This.

  2. I read On Writng a while back and felt the same as you around half way through. I stopped reading for a while because I felt despondent and was too busy to focus on something seemingly useless (although interesting). It’s worth finishing! The ‘helpful’ bit is in the second half. 🙂 X

  3. HA! This format looks oh so familiar 😉

    LOVE the Harper Hall trilogy of the Pern series. It’s my favorite of the entire series but I can relate to the aspects you dislike as well. On Writing had a few Ah-hha moments for me but I could have done without the majority of the first part of the book, but then I’m not a huge memoir reader which is how that first section read to me.

    Now, I’ll have to check out that Blake series. It sounds fun.

  4. I was never into the fantasy books much – other than fairy tales which I loved. Think of some examples!!! Inquiring minds want to know! I’ve run across a number of things lately that I used to love but now am a little weirded out by. (Heinlein. It Happened One Night w/Clark Gable.)

    The cosy witchy mystery series sounds good!

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