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WIP Weds ~ 5/1/13

I have some fun stuff to show off in my WIP Weds post this week! Well, namely one fun thing. But there is progress on the other things, so that’s good too.

WIP Weds 5/1/13

As you can see, I have put the heel stitches for my first watermelon socks on a spare interchangeable cable so I can try it on and determine when to start the toe. The second sock will be easier to manage – I’ll just have to match it to this first one. No need to try it on as I go.

WIP Weds 5/1/13

As you can also see, it’s not that much longer now before I do start the toe on this sock. I’m looking forward to having the first one done and starting the second sock. Actually, I’m really just looking forward to having the pair done so I can wear them.

WIP Weds 5/1/13

And this is the progress on the Sweetheart Sweater that I recently picked back up. This is the left front (I think – though since I haven’t gotten to the shaping yet, it could still be either front). I remember now that there were two reasons I let this one hibernate for so long:

1. I was afraid that I was going to run out of yarn before finishing the sleeves.
2. I like one of the two stitch patterns a lot more than the other.

Well. I have been the lucky recipient of more of the Kidsilk Night yarn, so even if I have to modify the pattern a bit on the sleeves to use only one yarn instead of both, I will have enough to finish the sleeves. So that’s no longer an excuse.

WIP Weds 5/1/13

The stitch pattern excuse, though… that hasn’t changed. I’m going to try to muscle through it, because I really want to wear this sweater, but it’s still annoying. You know, it’s weird how some stitch patterns are so much more boring/annoying/whatever than just plain garter stitch or stockinette. I’d have thought that any pattern would beat endless knits or purls. I was wrong.

And now for the cute:

WIP Weds 5/1/13

Here’s the first of two baby booties in a pair for my coming nephew! So fun. I’ve never knit booties before, so looking for patterns was rather enjoyable. This pattern uses Irish Moss Stitch for the bottom of the bootie, and I really like that pattern. I might have to use it for the leg on a pair of vanilla socks for me.

WIP Weds 5/1/13

It calls for a ribbon or a crochet chain to use as the tie, but I decided to knit an i-cord instead. I like the way the i-cord looks much more than a crochet chain for something like this. I think that turned out rather well.

This is a fast knit, as anything that small is, but it does still take time actually spent on it to get any progress. I should have them finished by the end of the week, though, and will hopefully have the time for a photoshoot soon. I’ll put up an FO post when I do.

And who knows? I still have time before the baby is born. (I’d better, anyway. I don’t want my wedding interrupted by an emergency trip to the baby hospital.) And I still have yarn left. I just might make a matching hat, too.


4 thoughts on “WIP Weds ~ 5/1/13

  1. I’ve seen that watermelon yarn and always thought it looked interesting. I knit with some ladybug yarn once and had fun making socks for a little girl.

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