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Ten on Tuesday ~ It’s May! It’s May!

… and if you’re anything like me, you now have that song stuck in your head. You’re welcome.

(If you’re not, go listen to the “Camelot” soundtrack. You’ll figure out which song I mean pretty quickly.)

Today’s Ten on Tuesday prompt is “10 Things You’re Looking Forward To In May.” Heh. This one should be pretty easy for me, and I’m sure many of you will guess the #1 item on this list. As such, let’s do this week’s Ten on Tues as a countdown, instead of a list. Just for funsies.

10. Warmer weather and lighter nights! I love taking walks in the evenings, but I don’t like freezing or having to take a flashlight along. So this weather is ideal, because it hasn’t yet gotten TOO hot.

9. Memorial Day! I don’t have any plans for the day yet, but it’s a work holiday and that’s always worth looking forward to.

8. Some friends of ours are moving out West from the East Coast, and that means we’ll get to visit with them more often. Yay!

7. The Eurovision Song Contest is in May. Fun fun! We’re planning on holding a Euro party for it, though I don’t know that we actually will since we haven’t planned it yet and there’s some other important stuff going on this month. But we will be watching it, and that’s always amusing (even if we can’t vote).

6. My brother-in-law is graduating from college! Big congrats to him as he makes his way toward the teaching credential he wants. Not enough people out there are interested in being teachers. (Including me. I have no interest in learning to be patient enough to be a teacher.)

5. Cherry season!!! I love cherries, and am sad that they’re only fresh for such a short period of time. But I plan to take advantage of that time when it comes!

4. My birthday! Not that I particularly look forward to getting older, but I like the excuse to get my family together at a food place of my choosing. And cake. I really like the cake. (Though this year, the cake might get morphed into something like a fruit salad, due to the loosing weight thing. Still. Tasty stuff.)

3. Gumball Rally! It’s a fun Disney fan event, and if you’re a Disney geek who is at all into competition, you NEED to check it out. Great fun. This will be our third year participating, and I can’t imagine a year going by from here out where I don’t have some involvement in it. The Rally staffers are so much fun, and the whole event is a blast.

2. Disneyland trip ahoy! It seems like so long since I’ve been. Was it really only the end of November? Seems like ages.

1. I’m getting married! Wheee!


8 thoughts on “Ten on Tuesday ~ It’s May! It’s May!

  1. THe BRIDE you are the Bride~!! Cannot wait to see your images.

    I love Camelot by the way.
    I love your May list.

    Firemans birthday is next week. He’s asked for cheesecake. I love may for Cinco De Mayo because we can have tres leches cake and get it easily at many stores this time of year.

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