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ROW80 Hiatus

I was planning on continuing to have ROW80 regular updates all the way until the wedding, but I have realized today that isn’t going to happen. So, This will be my last ROW80 post (probably) until after I’m married. (Whee!) I also won’t have the time I’d like to dedicate to the writing front, so there won’t be much to report. I will still blog as time permits, and I’ll even try to get some things scheduled so that there are posts up while I’m gone. (Both to keep you from being bored, and because I really don’t like advertizing the actual dates of my trip… even though we do have someone looking after the house while we’re gone, and so everything will be secure, I just feel better. You know.)

Anyway, I do want to tell you the progress I made on last week’s goals, so here’s a quick recap of that:

1. Writing: I did spend one hour (or more, not sure) worldbuilding last week. The notes I found the week before created more questions than they answered, so I spent last week trying to choose a path between what I had planned recently, and what I had planned originally. I’m leaning toward the more recent path, because the original one seems too like something I know has been written already.

2. Blogging: I wrote the blogs I’d intended to, but I did not do much (if any) blog visiting. Oops. I meant to, really, I just got busy. Still, I did complete at least the basic version of what I’d hoped for.

3. Health: I’ve been really good with my calorie count, and not eating the treats I normally would. (I’ve been eating different treats: hello fresh strawberries! Yum. Even if I really want to eat them over ice cream…) I’ve also been getting in more steps than normal, even if not always 10K (and even if sometimes it’s “step equivalents” like riding a stationary bike). I think the only day I didn’t get at least 7K this last week was Sunday, because I was being lazy/working on wedding favors.

4. Craft advancement: I haven’t started reading my craft book yet, but I’ve decided it will be Stephen King’s ON WRITING, and that I will start it when I finish the re-read of the Harper Hall trilogy. (I’m planning to continue with Pern again after finishing the King book.)

So that’s it for me for ROW80 until after I get hitched. Here’s hoping everything goes smoothly between now and then!


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