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Friday Reads ~ Encore!

Today on Friday Reads, let’s take a look at re-reads.

I am a huge fan of re-reading books. Partly because I read so quickly, I tend to miss the details of some scenes, so re-reading can be a great way for me to pick up on the nuances I missed the first time around. (This is also a reason why I enjoy audio books, but that’s another blog topic.) Also, when I truly enjoy a story and don’t want it to end, it’s nice to know that I can go back later and read the book again, getting reacquainted with “old friends” and seeing the adventures all over again.

Some people I know, however, aren’t as fond of re-reading. Either their favorite part of reading is the initial surprise, not knowing what’s going to happen, or they just don’t feel they have time for reading something they have read before. Now, in the case of mystery novels, I sometimes agree. The main enjoyment in some mysteries is not knowing whodunit. And yet, in some ways, I’m MORE inclined to re-read mysteries, to see if I can pick up on the clues after I know the culprit.

What about you? Do you re-read books, or just enjoy them one time? I’m always curious to see other people’s opinions about this subject.


10 thoughts on “Friday Reads ~ Encore!

  1. I reread, especially my comfort reads. But there are also books that I’m not sure I ever want to reread, just in case they aren’t as amazing as I remember them being.

  2. I just reread an Agatha Christie. I kind of remembered who did it, but had forgotten the other person involved in it. I find I can reread her books and still be surprised. Other books not so much.

  3. I re-read all the time. Usually the first time around I just Want To Know What Happens and the second outing I can relax and enjoy the scenery, so to speak.

  4. Before the eReader, I’d re-read when the book budget was zero 🙂 But even then, the book has to have something that really grabs me. These days it’s more a matter of TOO many books and not enough time!

  5. I don’t really do reread. I MIGHT reread chapters or passages but not a whole book. My motto is “something new ahead so let’s embrace them” instead of going back and reread the ones I have *lol*

  6. I love rereading and for the same reason as you – reading too fast the first time round leads to lots of new discoveries when you read a book again. Occasionally I go back and change my reviews and ratings because the experience has been so different the second time.

  7. I re-read A LOT. I tend to read a lot anyway, and sometimes my reading outstrips my purse so re-reads are pretty much essential.

    I have my comfort reads that I re-read on miserable days when I want to spend time with ‘friends’; my serious sexy re-reads – occasionally comfort and sexy re-reads are the same books; and sometimes just because I want to pick up on details I missed before or just bask in an author’s excellence. And it doesn’t matter what genre, re-reads can sometimes make all the difference on a crappy day!

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