Round of Words ~ Hooray for progress!

So, it’s been the first full week of this Round of Words, and I have progress to report! Here’s what I’ve been up to this past week, ROW-wise:

1. Writing: spend one hour per week on worldbuilding (standard) &/or detail 5 plot points complete with GMC (Goal, Motivation, & Conflict) for each (advanced) ~ Completed standard. I found my old notes on this project, and ended up spending more time reading them than getting new worldbuilding words, but I’m still counting it. It’s still work on the project, which is what I wanted.

2. Blogging: post three blogs per week (standard) & read and comment on 5 other ROWer blogs per week (advanced) ~ Completed! (standard and advanced)

3. Health: stick to personally decided calorie count, and walk 7,000 (standard) or 10,000 (advanced) steps per day ~ Completed standard. I stuck to the calorie count daily. There were a few days my step count was closer to advanced, including one really awesome day, but on average I was at the standard level for this one.

4. Craft advancement: read one book on writing during the course of Round 2 ~ Not started yet.

I will be keeping the same goals for next week, and for nearly every other week this Round with a couple of exceptions. (Like the week of the wedding.) How’s your week been? Hopefully great!


5 thoughts on “Round of Words ~ Hooray for progress!

  1. Well done on achieving your goals this week! Have you a craft book in mind to read this Round? Have you read Chapter after Chapter by Heather Sellers? It’s an easy read, although it’s more about the writer’s life than it is about technique. It gives ideas on how to keep writing despite distractions and holidays etc.
    All the best. 🙂

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