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Friday Reads ~ Mouse Guard: Fall 1152

Mouse Guard: Fall 1152 (Volume 1)
David Petersen
(graphic novel, fantasy)

Mouse Guard is, like all graphic novels that focus on the art, a quick read. However, there is so much detail to the artwork that once you finish it, you’ll want to go back and read it over again just to catch the nuances to the pictures.

This is truly a lovely book, and it has a nicely-developed plot to go along with it. I had expected, based on the cover (and the fact that it is about mice) for it to be kid-oriented. Not so. This is a book that will appeal to many ages, but the storyline itself is better for teens or adults than kids, due to the treachery within the mouse ranks. I’ll not go into more detail than that, because the story is worth discovering for yourself. There are battles, though, and some of the mice get gravely injured. As my sister said, the mice are drawn really cute, and we didn’t want to see even the “bad mice” get hurt.

This is the first volume, and if all the others are as well illustrated as this one, they’ll be worth picking up as a group. This is the type of graphic novel that makes me wish I could draw something more than stick figures and cartoon frogs. Alas, drawing is not in my skill-set, so I’ll just have to continue enjoying the work of those who can draw. David Petersen is definitely among them.


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