Friday Reads: familiar Friday 56

How’s your April going so far? Or, on a smaller scale, how’s your Friday?

Mine is going nicely. I like our spring weather here in NorCal, sunny days interspersed with spring rains. I like the fact that Spring Break made for a (relatively) light commute all week so far. (Though I’m not holding my breath for the Friday afternoon drive.) And I like the book I’m reading.

Can you guess what book it is from the Friday 56?

Friday 56: Pick up nearest book (be honest: that’s nearest, not best or most intellectual) and look up Page 56, find the 5th Sentence.

“A dragonman may champion anyone whose grievance is just.”

Guesses? Hmm. This is the problem with the blog vs. Facebook: I can’t monitor things like guessing games.

Oh well. The book is Dragonflight by the incomparable Anne McCaffrey. I love coming “home” to a good book.


3 thoughts on “Friday Reads: familiar Friday 56

  1. Chris says:

    There are snowflakes falling. *curls up into a little whimpering ball*

  2. lorraine says:

    Nicole-I have a picture book- Kaffe Fasset’s Glorious Inspiration.

    He even signed it.

  3. mrspao says:

    I’m reading the Friday Night Knitting Club!

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