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WIP Weds ~ Today With Watermelon!

How’s a quick WIP Wednesday post sound? Good? Yeah, I thought so. Here goes!


First of all, something you’ve seen before, but haven’t seen in a while: the Eliina shawl. It’s going to be lovely, but MAN these rows are getting long. And it’s cobweb weight yarn. And I still have TONS of it left, so it’s really hard to justify ending the shawl now, even though I’ve “officially” finished this chart. I want this to be a larger shawl than it currently is, so it’s time for more repeats. I’ll love it when it’s done. I have to keep repeating that part.


The cat loves it now, but she can’t have it.

And now for something new:



This is from Ari Grasso’s Etsy shop, and this yarn is popular enough that she has a waiting list for it. So. Worth. It. Squishy yarn, nice yardage, and a fantastically fun dye job.


I had to cast on IMMEDIATELY, and am so glad I did. It’s a really fun knit. I am keeping these socks. Just looking at the cuff that I have done already makes me smile.

Happy Wednesday, everyone!


5 thoughts on “WIP Weds ~ Today With Watermelon!

  1. loving the watermelon yarn! I bet it is just plain fun knitting with the yarn.
    Just started something with cobweb lace, I can relate, it is like knitting with sewing thread.

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