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Friday Reads ~ The Girl in the Clockwork Collar

The Girl in the Clockwork Collar (The Steampunk Chronicles #2)
Kady Cross
(historical fantasy, steampunk, light/YA romance)

This second book in the series follows immediately after the first, plot-wise. The major plot point dropped right at the end of The Girl in the Steel Corset – Jasper Renn being dragged off to America to stand trial for murder – is the central point behind this book. The main quartet from the first book (Finley, Griffin, Emily, and Sam) all travel to New York to locate Jasper and figure out if he is, in fact, guilty of the murder he’s been arrested for.

Over the course of their investigations, the four get into more trouble. Naturally. Most of that trouble is focused either on Finley or Griffin, which also makes sense as they seem to be the lead couple in the series.

Speaking of them as a couple – there is a little more progress on that front in this novel, too. At the very least, they both seem to have come to some decisions as to what they want out of it. Though, when you come down to it, there is no real competition for Finley’s attention in this book the way there was in the first one. It will be interesting to see the relationship develop once Jack Dandy is back in the picture.

In some respects I like this book more than the first in the series. The main four characters are all working together (mostly) in this one, rather than being at odds the way they were in the first. The relationships between them are developing, and I don’t mean just the romantic relationships. Parts of the plot are a bit more far-fetched, though, and the first book did have the charm of being the first in this particular world. In any case, I’m really looking forward to getting the third book when it comes out so I can see what comes next.


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