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Ten on Tuesday ~ Random 10

Today’s Ten on Tuesday prompt is “10 Random Things On Your Mind.” Well, I often have random things on my mind, so this is a good prompt for me. I’ve also been thinking about doing a random post of my own, so it’s good timing.

1. I’ve been listening to podcasts a lot lately. My favorites are THE MIKE OMEARA SHOW, which is a daily comedy podcast (complete with news of the day, a fun “Magic Audio Vault,” and occasionally liberal politics) presented by former radio DJs; COMMUNICORE WEEKLY, a weekly Disney podcast which covers history, trivia, and random fun stuff about the Disney parks (though mostly Walt Disney World at the moment); and STARTALK RADIO, a weekly science podcast that is just awesome. Actually, come to think of it, all of the podcasts I listen to are awesome. I wouldn’t bother listening to them otherwise. If you’re at all interested in podcasts with these topics, you should give them a shot.

2. I have a possibly irrational love of fun stationary. This includes pretty cards and paper, colorful pens, and wax seals (among other things). It’s a shame that wax seals are often destroyed in the mail now, due to the sorting machines used by the post office. They’re fun to use.

3. Speaking of wax seals, I’m not sure that I have any matches anymore. If I wanted to light a candle to use for heating the wax for seals, I’d have to light it with my heavy-duty lighter that we bought to light the charcoal grill.

4. In keeping with the random aspect, here’s a cat picture. Just because.

Kick Stick Lovin' 1

5. I am going to be starting a diet program soon. I am a little concerned with how this will impact Easter dinner – my grandparents won’t understand why I am not eating the way I normally do, even if I try to explain it to them. This is a very frustrating thing to me. Because I don’t need to lose a ton of obvious weight, people scoff when I talk about weight loss. However, I am just at the edge between healthy and overweight, and I don’t want to cross that line. Especially since I have a major event (read: wedding) coming up, I want to look my best.

6. Sadly, dealing with family and friends during the weight loss thing worries me more than actually sticking to the weight loss plan.

7. At least Mr. Wyrm is supportive with this issue. Very supportive, which I am grateful for. (And to be fair, I know some family members and friends will be supportive, too. But the ones who will be confused and/or think it unnecessary are often among the most vocal.) (Also, my guy is supportive with more than the weight thing, too. But that’s what we’re talking about right now.)

8. The Sam & Max adventure games by Telltale are a ton of fun. I really enjoy them, and hope they put out more.

9. I’ve been wearing a watch again lately, because I just got a new watch band for a Mickey Mouse watch a friend of mine gave me. It’s odd wearing a watch, having relied on my phone for the time for so long.

10. I have self-striping watermelon sock yarn coming in the mail from Etsy. I am not going to be able to resist casting on when it arrives… I’d better get something off the needles NOW so I don’t end up swimming in knitting WIPs!

Have a great week, everyone!


4 thoughts on “Ten on Tuesday ~ Random 10

  1. THIS was a great post. I LOVED reading it. I sent my Disney crazed friend the website you mentioned.
    Ive starting wearing a watch again too. I have 4 that I love. Well, 2 of the 4 I love.
    Cat image is adorable.
    Wax seals..I USED TO LOVE THEM. DId n’t know you are a stationary lover. Thats FUN !!

  2. Those look like crazy kitty eyes….
    I started wearing a Nike FuelBand last summer, which was sort of like wearing a watch again. It IS odd at first.
    Good luck dealing with the family!!

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