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Friday Reads: Brownies & Broomsticks

Brownies and Broomsticks (Magical Bakery Mystery #1)
Bailey Cates

I think I’ve mentioned already that I’ve been on a cozy mystery kick lately. Well, this book is no exception.

It has everything I would expect for the first book in a cozy mystery series: the heroine moves to a new town, starts a new job, and one of her family members is suspected of a murder. (A new friend would have also worked in place of a family member.) In the process of trying to clear her family member’s name – against the wishes and orders of the local police – she ends up having not one, but two cute local guys express their interest in her.

As far as the formula goes, it has everything I would expect. The reason I picked up this particular book was the magic angle. (And the cat on the cover.) I’m glad I did decide to read this one. It was cute, charming, and a thoroughly engaging read. Was it something earth-shattering in its brilliance? No. But it was a very cozy mystery, which was exactly what I had wanted when I picked it up.


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