Ten on Tuesday ~ Erin Go Bragh

In honor of St. Patrick’s Day, today’s 10 on Tuesday prompt is:

Ten Favorite Things That Are Green

Well. Green is my favorite color. But I’m having a hard time coming up with 10 green things. So…

  1. Emeralds. (Not coincidentally, this is also my birthstone.)
  2. Grass.
  3. The best tasting Jelly Beans.
  4. The ocean, in certain conditions.
  5. Kermit!
  6. My old Camaro. (Though it also had its share of problems, and so having it on this list is questionable. But I did love certain parts of owning that car, so I guess it can count.)
  7. Dragons!
  8. Peter Pan and Tinkerbell! (Clothing counts. I told you I’m having issues coming up with 10.)
  9. Some of my favorite shirts owned by the Future Mr. Wyrm. (He looks good in green.)
  10. The green knight at Medieval Times! (He was the knight whose section we were in the first time we went to a dinner show there, and it was so much fun. Whether it’s because that was my first time seeing the show, the company, or the fact that the green knight is one of two who have – in my opinion – actual scripted personalities, I really enjoyed cheering for him.)

4 thoughts on “Ten on Tuesday ~ Erin Go Bragh

  1. kathy b says:

    Your list is soooo different than mine. I LOVE reading yours.
    I dont like green jelly beans….but I love all things mint.

  2. We had some of the same things down. But how could you not have mojitos on your list 😉

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