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ROW80 Update: Remembering How To Write

ROW80LogocopyI think I’ve forgotten how to write. Not in the sense of putting words together, but in the sense of being a writer. All the little things are harder now that I’ve taken time off — and not the past few weeks while I’ve had life issues taking priority, but the past few YEARS while I haven’t been making writing a priority.

I’ve forgotten how to worldbuild. I don’t remember the questions I need to ask in order to fully develop my characters. I can write down plot ideas, but often don’t remember to include anything resembling plot DEVELOPMENT.

So. Now that life has settled down (a little), I’m going to get going with ROW again, but with different goals and a different focus. I’m going to focus on making this a habit again. Making writing a part of everyday life again, instead of something I do on occasion when I feel like it. I’m going to start with baby steps.

One of those baby steps is to start with a brand-new project. For one, this is a story that’s been talking to me for a while, so it has the benefit of holding my current interest. For two, I have nothing started on it, so there’s nothing to undo, nothing to remember (about the story… lots to remember about the process), and nothing to use as a crutch.

Here are my new goals for ROW this coming week:

  1. Come up with basic backgrounds for the hero and heroine of the new story.
  2. Write down 5 plot points based on character background.
  3. Write 3 blogs this week.
  4. Visit and comment on 5 other ROW blogs.

Simple. Basic. And, hopefully, very doable.


6 thoughts on “ROW80 Update: Remembering How To Write

  1. Getting back into the habit can be tough, but it sounds like you have a solid plan of attack. Good luck 🙂

  2. Worldbuilding is intense, which I don’t think I really got until I started book number 2 of my fantasy series. And then I was like, “OHHHHHH… that’s why people have editors!”

  3. I’m sure that now you’ve committed to working on them they will come back in spades. I’m like that with languages – I haven’t used them for a while but once I’m back in the right environment, I start to remember again.

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