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WIP Weds ~ 3-6-13

We have WIP progress! There are a lot of possible reasons for me to post a WIP Weds post again so soon after having posted one last week when it was so long between them prior to that. Maybe because we stayed home for recovery time all weekend. Maybe because I’m knitting a sport-weight baby blanket. Maybe because I spent a chunk of Saturday having a SnB with my knitting friends. For whatever reason, I have a lot of progress to show you today.

Spare a Square

Here is the first square I’ve made for my friend who’s doing the Barn-Raising Quilt as a Spare A Square project. It seems like a fun project, but I’m glad SHE’s the one with the task of blocking all the squares to match when they were knit by different people who (presumably) knit at different gauges and tension.


And here is the current progress of the Baby Surprise Jacket I’m making for my sister’s new little one who’s due this summer. (I know. Summer + knit baby jacket + California weather = maybe not the best idea ever. We’ll see.) I think she said the nurse told them it was going to be a boy, so these colors are perfect. They would have worked for a girl, too, but I do like the dark brown a little better for a boy. Now I need to find baby boy buttons for it.


Alos, I am thrilled with the way it’s striping up. Ideally, the stripes of color would have matched up perfectly with the start of a right side row and gone all the way to the end of a wrong side row, but if I really wanted that I should have been knitting with multiple skeins of yarn instead of one variegated skein.

Kitri with edging 1

And lastly, the project that has been absent from this blog the longest: Kitri! I’ve finished the first sock-sock, and now and am on the first sock-lace. I know, I could have easily done both sock-socks first, and then done the lace on them at the same time. (Well, one immediately after the other, anyway, instead of having to make the second sock in between.) But I really wanted to see how the lace would work up, and I’m having fun with it. And that’s what counts, right?

Kitri Edging 1

Because the lace is fun. FUN. And yet hard. Well, it’s hard to get started. And it’s hard if you don’t have pointy needles. I actually switched needles so I could use sufficiently pointy needles, even though I had to go down from a 2 to a 1.5 in order to do so. I don’t think it will make much (if any) difference in the lace, and it will make me much less crazy, so the good outweighs the possible bad.

Happy hump day!


2 thoughts on “WIP Weds ~ 3-6-13

  1. WOw . THat’s real knitters post. I LOVE seeing the Zimmerman sweater in progress. SO few people show it coming along and it makes more sense to me. Your square is great. I hate putting them together too!

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